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The Drunken Master Whisky 

The Drunken Master Whisky Brand embarks on the 
journey of whisky casks selection since 2014. 
The story began with helping a famous whisky 
bar in Hokkaido to design their whisky label. 
It will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in 
2024, and the brand founder Li has dedicated 
himself to a lot of different activities about whisky

2016 - 
   Establishing The Drunken Master Bar in 
   Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2017 - 
   Co-organising Whisky Fest Takao, Taiwan 
2021 - 
   Founding The Tasting Room, 
   a specialized whisky retailer, in Kaohsiung, 
2023 - 
   Co-partnering the establishment of 
   Highlander Inn Taipei

And, what's next...

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About Li San



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